During the last five decades, The Toro Arellano’s Family have been developing different

economics activity around the agricultural word. In this area Nova Terra Vineyard is the
most important project created and led by Mrs. Victorina Arellano and his eldest son Mr.
Jaime Toro.
Nova Terra Vineyard was born as a sustainable project whose essence has been keeping
until today, to rescue the quality and variety of the Chilean grape, respecting their ripening
times to obtain a 100% organic wines that evoke emotions, memories, sensations and
beautiful tones, taste and smells.
Along the last years we have had work very hard, dedicating many hours to take advantage
of the climatic conditions offered by our territorial location (The Maipo Valley , in the Maria
Pinto Sector at Metropolitan Region, Casa Blanca Valley at Valparaiso Region and Maule
Valley at The Maule Region), and accumulate knowledge and technical experience in order
to declare with proud that our wines -red and white TORO-, are one of the best chilean
organic wine production.
We invite you to know the detail of our production.